The Maison Charles Mignon is located in Epernay, capital of the Champagne region and a town with a rich historical past, snuggled up along the Marne between hillsides and forests. Since 2003, Charles Mignon, is one of the few family houses to be a member of the prestigious Union des Maisons de Champagne. In 1995, Bruno Mignon, great grandson of a winemaker, decides to create Charles Mignon. With his wife Laurence, they perpetuate this love for the vine and wine while bringing a modern touch. The history of Champagne Louis Tollet is highly related to the eponymous restaurateur, master of great receptions in Champagne during the golden years of the fifties. In the splendour of those wonderful parties lived “the Champagne lifestyle”. Today, his granddaughter Laurence is paying homage to him through these epicurean dedicated Cuvées.